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Need to make an online purchase and don’t have a credit card?
Had a bad experience using your credit card online?

CSF will now assist our customers with no access to a credit card (or customers who would prefer not to use their cards online) to make online purchases. We will use our credit card facilities to purchase the item(s) on your behalf. NB this service is only being offered for Amazon purchases in the first instance.

What’s the cost of this service?

For just USD5.00, CSF will place an order for any amount of items you would like to purchase in any one order.

When will this service become available? 

We are pleased to let you know that this service is already available at both of our Trinidad and Tobago offices.

How do I access this service? 

There are multiple ways of accessing this service, which are:

  • Calling our Customer Support Team via telephone and placing the order (credit card needed)
  • Placing the order online through our Webchat (credit card needed)
  • Physically coming into our Trinidad or Tobago branches and sitting with one of our Customer Service Representatives to purchase in your presence (NO credit card needed)

Once the order is requested, we will give you a Purchase Order amount which will outline the final landed total cost for the item. This cost includes all taxes and freight to Trinidad or Tobago in your hands.

What are the terms of payment for this service?

You will be required to make a 100% total payment on your order before CSF places the order on your behalf, after that, you just have to collect it or have it delivered to you at no additional cost.

Why should I use this service? 

There are several benefits to be derived from using us to make your purchase, such as:

  • You protect the safety of your credit card from international hackers;
  • There will be no surprises when your item reaches in Trinidad or Tobago as you would have paid everything (100%upfront.
  • At this initial stage, we will only be purchasing items from Amazon.com
  • You can access special rates that CSF may be able to access as a corporate client of Amazon
  • And finally, and what we should have put to the top, it doesn’t matter the cost of your item from Amazon.com; we will get the sales tax exempted from most of the items for you, that’s a 7% discount you don’t have to pay for.

What does this mean? 

All the items we purchase for export is not subject to the Florida 7% sales tax, that means you,  Yes, you!! saved yourself USD7.00 on a USD100.00 item. But wait, we charged you the administration fee of USD5.00, that means you saved USD2.00, but imagine if it was more than USD100.00, then you do the math.

What if I didn’t want to call in, but just wanted to know how much an item will cost if CSF purchased it for me, how can I know?

Simple, just go to our online Estimates, and enter all the relevant information, then add just USD5.00 (if you’re from Trinidad) or USD7.00 (if you’re from Tobago) after you submit the form, the figure that comes up is the amount we’re going to charge you.