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Actual Weight (Pound) USD Rates
0.5 lb. USD 4.68
1.0 lb. USD 5.54
2.0 lbs. USD 9.65
3.0 lbs. USD 12.32
4.0 lbs. USD 15.27
5.0 lbs. USD 18.69
6.0 lbs. and Over USD 3.50 per lb
A calculation example of 6.0 lbs. USD 21.00
Other Charges
Fuel Surcharge 17% of Air Freight Rate
Standard Insurance Coverage 1% of the declared value of item

VAT on Handling Charges

TTD 0.63 | 12.5 % on 5.00

(Estimated value per package set by BIR)

TT Customs & Excise Import Charges Charged on Declared value of Package according to Schedule of Duty and VAT
Online Purchase Tax (OPT) 7% of the C.I.F Value (Cost, Insurance and Freight)
Cost, Insurance and Freight (C.I.F) C.I.F Value = cost of goods + cost of shipping + cost of any applied insurance
Tobago Transport Surcharge USD 2.00 per invoice, where applicable
* Please note all charges in USD will vary when converted to TTD and is indicative on the daily ROE by local commercial banks, rates are not determined by CSF Couriers.